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After a couple of days of absence, here's again a brand new post with our yesterday's outfits. Once again we came with two totally different outfits - although we like to play with almost similar colours and styles -, a colourful one and a black one. Lately we are very fond of neon and bold colours and the one outfit is about a pink skirt combined with the new daisies shirt and of course our beloved and so playful Yves Saint Laurent sandals (both worn for the very first time). Under the shirt we went for a neon bikini top instead of bra and think we would not have picked something better than this! 
As for the other outfit, we gave a special tone to a simple black T-shirt with the Marni at H&M sequined collar (worn for the first time soon) combined with our plastic shorts and transparent glitter flats. What do you think of these different looks? What's your favourite one? We aren't sure! ;)

Irene is wearing:
Zara skirt
H&M bikini top
Zara top
Tom Ford sunglasses
Zara necklace
DIY lego earrings
DIY bracelets

Demetra is wearing:
Dsquared2 shorts
Zara t-shirt
Prada sunglasses
Marni at H&M sequined collar



  1. yperoxo to kolie tou zara kai to kosmhma apo Marni!
    teleia look kai ta 2!

  2. ειμαι ερωτευμενη με το σορτσακι της Δημητρας και με το κολαρο το οποιο εγω δεν το βρηκα!!

  3. glukies mou eiste koukles kai oi duo opws panta vevaia alla to sorts tis dimitras me exei 3etrelanei,
    giveaway sto blog come and check,
    polla filia kai stis duo,

  4. (Dimitra ta mallia s fovera!!!!!!!!!!!)
    Poly omorfa looks kai ta duo koritsia!!

  5. teleia kai ta duo outfit!!!
    ta thelwww olaaa:)



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