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We are very excited to present to you an amazing and very creative jewelery designed under the name of Maggoosh. 
  When she was only four years old Margarita Chrissakis (aka Maggoosh) found her mother's jewelry drawer, and an instant love affair with accessories began. From that point she has created unique pieces that express a story. 
Starting in 2011, Maggoosh decided to make her passion a career - which at 19 displays more direction than most. With natural tones and worldly influence, her collections have an eclectic feeling. She derives inspiration from her extensive travels, and displays unrivalled detail in making every piece by hand. This ensures that every piece will have slight differences, making each exclusive to the wearer.

Maggoosh's accessories are made using some of the finest semi-precious stones, fabrics and materials from around the world. Her designs transcend the typical fashion seasons, which allows the wearer to enjoy them every day of the year! 
With four collections in total, Maggoosh has instilled love in everything she creates (all the way down to the packaging!). From the sweet and innocent pieces in the romantic collection, to the voodoo and Buddha designs in the tribal collection, Maggoosh knows that her jewelry speaks to people. She hopes that you will love creating your own story with each piece.

Summer feeling, boho style and free spirit describe Maggoosh’s SS12 collection. Travel through time with vintage laces from the 1920’s and let your imagination go wild with semi-precious stones and unique fabrics from Bali, India and Nepal. 
Discover your Maggoosh side from 4 different collections: The Romantic Ones, The Bohemian Ones, The Tribal Ones and the Majestic Ones. 
This summer be different and stylish; wear hand-made jewelry from Maggoosh! Every piece is unique like you! 
Available online at: 
Press Office: 
SquareCircle PR 
Karneadou 19, 10675 Kolonaki, 


  1. i love all of them, but ariel is simply perfect!
    lovely pics too kiss

  2. You girls have a fabulous sense of style and are so pretty too!
    Followed your lovely blog and looking forward to more amazing posts.

    Nina from Dose Of Simplicity


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