pop of red

It seems like I got myself into tracking all the graffiti walls in the city, as this is the second time that were taken pictures of me with a graffiti background (same here). The truth is it's just a simple coincidence. Well this kind of look - conservative yet special at the same time - tends to become my favourite; denim-buttoned up shirt/polo-knit/sweater-sneakers/flats. This red glitter headband and my all time favourite red lipstick gave this black and white look that special pop of colour it needed! -Irene
 I was wearing:
dsquared denim
h&m shirt
zara knit
converse sneakers
balenciaga handbag
gucci belt
tom ford sunglasses
h&m headband
balenciaga bracelet
mac 'russian red' lipstick


  1. Love it <3

    I follow You <3

    If You Want Follow Me <3

  2. poly omorfo outfit!
    mou aresei poly h tsanta k to poulover!
    an the mporeis na tsekareis to blog mou k na akolouthisoume h mia thn allh!

  3. i'm in love with this!

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

  4. Loved your handbag - all time classic and the knit!


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