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Today we would like to dedicate our post to a very talented greek designer, Nassos Ntotsikas. Yesterday we received an email presenting his collection YARN DOLL Fashion Editorial | S/S 2013. We loved the whole collection, the colours which we wear usually too, the leopard details, the loose style of the clothes. But the pieces that we adored at first sight are the long skirt in pink and the chic knitwear in ivory.

Knitwear designer Nassos Ntotsikas, remains a globetrotter at heart but, after several travels, he has chosen to reside and be inspired in Greece, his homeland. Having obtained a degree in Costume and Fashion Design from the Accademia di Costume e di Moda di Roma, he then specialized in textiles and knitwear. With the experience of working in films and on TV, Nassos turned to high-end fashion, working along with well-established names of the fashion industry in Greece and abroad. Nassos Ntotsikas launched his own brand in 2011 and participated in the Athens Exclusive Designers Week several times, where in 2012 he received the 'Best Trendsetter Award'. 
 Nassos Ntotsikas admires the endless possibilities of knitting techniques, combinations and unique inspirations. He follows fashion trends but at the same time applies his own distinctive style and innovative vision, offering women the option to transform many of his garments, to best suit their own style and mood. The collections have an irresistible feminine appeal, stamped by Nassos Ntotsikas’ refined aesthetics, while driven by his attention to detail, skilled use of traditional craftsmanship and boundless energy and creativity. At the core of the Nassos Ntotsikas brand name, there always lies a sophisticated collection of premium knitwear. A spinners wheel is therefore used as the brand's logo; an iconic figure with a modern twist: carrying memories of the designer's grandmother working on it while highlighting his sharp shaped designs.​​​ ​ 
Focusing on women's needs, Nassos Ntotsikas creations are dazzling chic, using the finest materials, well-made patterns and exquisite techniques, while placing emphasis on the beauty of the female form and enhancing the elegance of the individual. Nassos Ntotsikas’ effortless, versatile designs and silky soft yarns lend themselves to a practical luxury that appeals to all ages, while offering a flattering fit and unparalleled quality at an attainable price. A woman who makes her own decisions, stands out in a crowd, and is powerful and adventurous at heart, personifies Nassos Ntotsikas collections.
 Nassos Ntotsikas is constantly building a solid reputation as a talented knitwear designer, who has successfully captured the attention of high profile clients. The collections are exclusively manufactured by artisans in Greece and distributed in selected retailers in Greece, Spain and Egypt.​​

For more information visit his Facebook page, Twitter and Pinterest.

Yarn Doll | Fashion Editorial
Photographer | Michalis Lavdiotis
Clothes & Styling | Nassos Ntotsikas
Make up | Antonis Papastavrou
Model | Mihaela B (Models Only Agency)
Stylist Assistant | Michail Passos


  1. wow... i'm really amazed right now. these are some shots!! hell, yeah! <3 tones.


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