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The Bagllerina are essential for your wardrobe. Fold them in their leather wallet, slip them into your purse ... and you're ready to start your day!
Bagllerina is the first foldable ballerina made entirely of leather. The brand offers a wide selection of ballerinas quality, easy to carry thanks to both their size and their weight. This simple and smart accessory consists of a pair of foldable ballerinas in leather, a leather pouch and a matching nylon bag in which you store them. They fold in half to support women in any scenario daily, eliminating any concerns related to comfort.
To satisfy all its customers, Bagllerina offers four different styles: the Daily is the most classic and covers more foot, the Gorgeous, modern, unveils a little more, and then the Irresistible, which offers a very sexy cut. The Liberty meanwhile, is a model for a chic, simple and effective look. 
This fashion accessory, designed to make life sweeter for women, brilliantly combines elegance and wellness. Take them with you anywhere and be sure you're going to make everyone look at your feet! 
We're more than excited to have them in our hands - and now in our bags! Soon you'll have the chance to see them styled on our feet! Stay tuned!
You can visit Bagllerina website here and like the Facebook page here.
Thank you Bagllerina for our beautiful Bagllerinas!


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