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Like the flowing maxi dress, the long skirts are making a comeback this summer. These skirts can be worn in a variety of ways, but it's important to know the basics before jumping on this fashion trend. When paired with just the right top, shoes and accessories, this hippie-chic skirt can look incredibly stylish but also comfortable and casual. 
Most maxi skirt styles are full of volume, so it's important to balance out the silhouette by pairing the skirt with a tighter, closer-fitting top. This will give your look more structure and help highlight your waist beneath all of that maxi skirt fabric. Try tucking in a tank or tee, or adding a cropped jacket or blazer. Otherwise you can wear a crop top in loose fit if the skirt is high wasted. 
The beauty of a maxi skirt is that it can be dressed up or down, worn with flats or heels. For a more casual look, choose a pair of embellished gladiator sandals or flats. For a fancier vibe (or for shorties trying to sport this trend), opt for high heels, wedges or espadrilles. 
If you really want to get into the whole bohemian influence of the maxi skirt trend, add the right accessories. A boho tote bag, distressed leather belt, feather earrings or a headband can all add character to your laid-back hippie maxi skirt. 
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